Austin's Residential Air Conditioning Repair Specialists – And More!

At Quality Living Services we always look at
the house as a whole, with the air conditioner 

being only one part of an energy efficient lifestyle.

That's just one of the reasons we're a trusted Austin

air conditioning service company. We can repair,

service, and replace your AC system. We can improve

energy efficiency and lower your monthly bills.

We can balance your system so you don't have
hot and cold pockets around the house. Who doesn't

have allergies in Austin? Air duct cleaning can remove

years of buildup of allergens, dust mites, and crud

that is circulating in your home. Give us a call!

Energy Efficiency and Your Austin Home
Most of our customers are concerned with making their homes more energy efficient. It's not just good for the planet – it's
good for your wallet! Making your home more energy efficient means that you can dramatically lower your bills without
sacrificing comfort. In fact, we're often able to make homes more comfortable than they ever were!

We are a participating Home Performance with Energy Star contractor, because it is something that we truly believe in.
People usually blame the heating or cooling unit and replace it, hoping to get better performance. That's not always the
problem, and you are left with a system that fails to perform at the rated efficiency level and is operating under the same
poor conditions as the system that was just replaced. Why? Austin Energy has documented that most homes have duct leakage
in excess of thirty percent. That means most homes are leaking more
that 30 percent of their nice, cool air into the hot attic and that

same amount of air is being replaced by outside air that comes

in through leaks in doors, windows, electrical systems, and even

plumbing systems. That air is dusty and unfiltered.
More than 90 percent of all homes have an undersized return air

and are only delivering half the air and capacity that the system

can handle. One common complaint is that the old system never
worked right so the new one should be bigger. That's not usually

true – duct improvements and weatherization can make your

home much more comfortable without the need for a bigger unit,
saving you money. We use Manual J heat load analysis approved

by ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) to design your

homes comfort system and ensure that everything is done right

before work begins. Using Home Performance with Energy Star

methodology, we recommend installing solar screens on any

southern facing windows that receive more than one hour of

direct sunlight per day. We install insulation to R38, which is

typically around 16 inches and exceeds the code requirement of R30.

All duct sizing is verified to be appropriate, or improved to handle

system capacity before it is completely sealed and then tested to

ensure it performs correctly. Plumbing penetrations are sealed, the doors
​are weatherstripped to prevent excess leakage, and tested to generate acceptable whole house leakage results using a blower door. The new system is merely the icing on the cake. There is no need to wait until your existing system is replaced, when we can make improvements that will dramatically improve your home's comfort and efficiency today.